PROFITSPOT INVESTMENTS LTD - new technology shares hedging of futures contracts and start-up investments on the basis of intelligent monitoring of global indices, as well as «predatory trading» technologies.

For partners

By developing a partnership basis, the company PROFITSPOT INVESTMENTS LTD was based on the principles of democracy and accessibility implemented for each client. Therefore, we offer you three options for partner rewards, each of which is available to any registered customer. Additional earnings, which you can get by inviting new members to the company, implemented three types of partnership.

For ordinary customers, involved in the investment process, the company provides referral fee to the following:

  1. For a deposit made by a referral of the first level of the ordinary customer referral rewards will be 8% of the deposit amount of the referral;

We believe that the use of our generous offer and increase of your income – are a great chance for each of our clients to make their life better, richer and full of pleasant events.

Develop your referral structure advertise our investment products and your referral link and you may be pleasantly surprised by results in the very near future. After all, you can earn even without own deposit in the company! And given the fact that the receipt of any status in the Partnership program does not require any additional conditions, your chances are even more promising!

Use the provided maximum opportunity actively to earn and become a wealthy person with the help of our partnership offers!